[WSCSS] Class openings for TVW's new civics education program, Capitol Classroom

David Johnson davidj at tvw.org
Fri Sep 30 16:21:08 EDT 2011

I would like to let you know about Capitol Classroom, a new civics education
program from TVW, Washington's public affairs television network, and offer
high school teachers a chance to participate during the upcoming legislative

Capitol Classroom pairs high school classrooms with lobbyist volunteers in
Olympia as a way to involve students in the legislative process. After
choosing a bill to follow during the session, TVW sets up 5 video
conferences between participating classes and their lobbyists. Other guests
during the sessions include bill sponsors, local legislators, and advocates
of both sides of the issue in question. During these video sessions students
not only get an in-depth look at how the legislative process works, but also
provide input for the lobbyists to take to committee hearings. Lobbyists
then testify on the students' behalf for the bills they are following. If
possible we also arrange for students to testify directly to legislators via
phone or video connection. The program allows students to get directly
involved in weekly ups and downs of the legislative process, and gives them
a behind-the-scenes look at how laws are made.

For general information about how the program works, watch the short video
on the page below:


TVW piloted the program with two classes last year (at Vancouver HS and
Wenatchee HS) and it was a great success. Class surveys found that students
not only learned a lot and were much more likely to participate in process
as a result, but also that they had a lot of fun doing it. To see the
program in action you can take a look at one of the classes pages below:


If you are interested in participating in the program during the upcoming
session, or have further questions, please let me know at davidj at tvw.org. We
hope to have 8-10 classes in the program this year.


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