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Want to bring something exciting into your classroom for Dr. Martin Luther
King's birthday? The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project is
featuring a video interview with Rev. Samuel B. McKinney about the first and
only time that Dr. King visited Seattle, on November 8, 1961. It is online
and easily accessed at:

Dr. King's visit to Seattle turned out to be more controversial than anyone
expected. Reverend Samuel B McKinney, pastor of Mt Zion Baptist Church, had
been King's classmate at Morehouse College. In 1961 Rev. McKinney invited
the civil rights leader to Seattle and arranged for him to speak at First
Presbyterian Church, a larger facility than Mt. Zion Baptist. But at the
last minute, First Presbyterian leaders changed their minds, offering a
variety of excuses. Civil Rights organizations denounced the decision and
Rev. McKinney was forced to locate an alternative venue. Now 46 years later,
Rev. Samuel B. McKinney tells the story of the visit in a dramatic 15 minute
video interview which can be viewed online at the Seattle Civil Rights and
Labor History Project.

We have other resources that also work well in classrooms during Martin
Luther King Week:

"Seattle's Segregation Story"—video slideshow and segregation maps

"Seattle's Civil Rights History: Movements and Milestones"—video slideshow


"Black Panthers Tell Their Stories"—video slideshow and interviews

Based at the University of Washington, the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor
History Project is an online, multi-media resource for learning about the
unique, multiracial history of civil rights activism in the Pacific
Northwest.  It features articles, photographs, and more than 80 video oral
history interviews with veterans of the many civil rights movements that
transformed Washington state. There are also lesson plans, short videos, and
slideshows that are perfect for classroom use.

Questions? Please email Teresa Frizell, Teacher Outreach Coordinator, at
frizellt at gmail.com
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