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Below is a summary of the latest news from the state's social studies
program as well as a new list of opportunities for teachers and


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or ideas.
Thank you!


Caleb Perkins

Program Supervisor, Social Studies/International Education

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


Titles -

1.       Regional Civics CBA Trainings

2.       OSPI Summer Institutes - Call for Presenters

3.       CBA Pilot - Fall 2007

4.       American History Teacher of the Year Award - Gilder-Lehrman

5.       Daniel J. Evans Civic Education Award

6.       Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program

7.       Update on 2007 Legislative Session

8.       U.S. House and Senate Hearings on "No Child Left Behind" -
Positions of Social Studies Organizations 

9.       Lesson Plans on Women's Role in World War II

10.   Congress in the Classroom 2007 - Call For Participation

11.   "Fighting the Fires of Hate. America and the Nazi Book Burnings" -
Traveling Exhibit

12.   Perspectives on the Modern - A Summer Institute for K-12 Educators

13.   Travel and Teach: Cambodia and Thailand

14.   Life and Achievements of John Quincy Adams, 1st U.S. Minister to
Russia - A Joint Russian-American Project 

15.   Nature in the Balance - New Exhibition at MOHAI

16.   Thinking Historically through Writing 

17.   Colonial Dames History/Social Studies Scholarships

18.   Latin American Challenges to the Neo-Liberal Order in the Americas

19.   7thAnnual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity &
Cross-Cultural Understanding through Documentary Film

20.   Challenges and Opportunities Facing Turkey Today 

21.   Trips to Turkey - World Affairs Council

22.   The Earth Charter: A Framework for Addressing Global Climate

23.   Ninth Annual World Citizen Essay Contest 

24.   REACH Institute for Building Cultural Competency

25.   C-SPAN StudentCam - Student Documentary Competition 

26.   The Study 2007 Canada - Summer Institute for K-12 Educators

27.   Global Scholar - Summer Enrichment Program



Details -

OSPI Updates:

1.       Regional Civics CBA Trainings - May & June: This spring's best
opportunity to learn about the CBAs is provided by the regional Civic
CBA trainings taking place across the state in March, May and June.
These one-day trainings will provide attendees with an overview of
OSPI's plan for implementing the CBAs, an introduction to scoring
specific Civics CBAs, and a review of instructional strategies for
helping students complete a variety of CBAs successfully. In addition,
attendees will examine how to use social studies programs, such as We
The People and Project Citizen, to help students meet the requirements
included in the state's CBA models. Representatives from the Washington
Library Media Association will also be there to talk about the important
role teacher librarians are playing in helping social studies teachers
implement the CBAs. The trainings are targeted towards teachers who work
with grades 3 through 12 and 6 clock hours will be available (we are
working to ensure that there will be elementary, middle, and high school
presenters at each training). Below is a quick overview of the current
schedule for these trainings. To find out more information or to
register for any of these free trainings, please go to OSPI's Events
Manager website:


Schedule for Regional Civics Classroom-Based Assessment Trainings

Date                                  Place

March 28, 2007                   ESD 101 - Spokane

May 8, 2007                       ESD 171 - Wenatchee (middle and high
school only)

May 14, 2007                      Puget Sound ESD -Tacoma (Washington
State History Museum)

May 17, 2007                      ESD 113 - Aberdeen 

May 24, 2007                      ESD 123 - Pasco

May 25, 2007                      ESD 105 - Yakima

May 29, 2007                      ESD 112 - Vancouver 

June 6, 2007                       Puget Sound ESD - Renton


2.       2007 OSPI Summer Institutes - Call for Presenters - Below are
some key details on the institutes. For more information, go to

*	There will be three institutes this summer: Spokane - June
19-21; Vancouver - July 31-August 2; Auburn - August 7-9.  
*	OSPI recently issued its "Call for Presenters" - the deadline
for session applications is April 6th. If you have implemented the CBAs
in your classrooms and would like to share your instructional strategies
and overall experience, please let me know - we would like to include
you as a presenter! 
*	We hope to have several sessions related to the Social Studies
CBAs, including a CBA Teacher Leadership Institute.
*	We plan on coordinating the OSPI Institute in Vancouver with the
"Constitutional Connections" program taking place that same week at ESD
112. For more information on "Constitutional Connections" go to
*	The first public draft of the Social Studies GLEs will be shared
at the Summer Institutes in August.  


3.       CBA Pilot - Fall 2007 - Given funding, OSPI is planning to
repilot several of the Social Studies CBAs early in the fall of next
school year. The papers and presentations we collect from this pilot
will be used to build better, more diverse anchor sets to be shared with
teachers across the state. If you think you might be interested in
participating in this pilot, please send me an email
Caleb.Perkins at k12.wa.us.


4.       American History Teacher of the Year Award (K-6) - 2007 -
Gilder-Lehrman Institute - Do you know a great elementary grade (K-6)
history teacher? The Gilder Lehrman Institute will once again sponsor
Washington's "American History Teacher of the Year" competition.  The
Washington winner will then compete for the national award.  This year
the competition is limited to teachers who teach in grades K-6 (Next
year, middle school and high school teachers will be included again).
The winner will receive $1,000 and a wealth of materials for her/his
school.  For more information on the competition, go to
www.gilderlehrman.org/teachers/student8.html. Colleagues, supervisors,
or community members may nominate a teacher by emailing me a letter
outlining the candidate's career achievement and evidence of his/her
excellence as a history teacher by May 4th. Those teachers that qualify
as finalists will be notified and asked to submit a full nomination
package no later than May 23rd. 


5.       The Daniel J. Evans Civic Education Award - 2007: This award
was established by the 2004 Washington State Legislature to honor
students annually who have demonstrated civic leadership in their
communities and who have successfully completed a classroom-based
assessment in civics developed by the Superintendent of Public
Instruction (OSPI). If you have students who have demonstrated
proficiency in civics this year through completion of one of these
classroom-based assessments (i.e., scoring 3 or 4 on the rubric
criteria), they may be eligible to receive this award. If you would like
to nominate one or more of your students, please email me or mail to
OSPI (P.O. Box 47200, Olympia, WA 98504) a copy of the student's CBA
response along with a short description of how this student demonstrated
civic leadership in the community (if you need assistance with mailing
materials, please email me). The deadline for nominations is May 10th.


6.       Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program - 2007-08:
OSPI is once again soliciting grant applications for the Civil Liberties
Public Education Program. The program provides up to $30,000 per grant
for the development of project activities and curricular materials that
relate the Japanese-American exclusion and detention experience during
World War II with civil rights included in the Declaration of
Independence and the Constitution. The project's goal is for students to
understand this event so that they can work "to prevent similar
violations of civil rights in the future."  Once again, we are asking
all applicants to explain how the work they propose aligns with the
state's Social Studies Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs)
as measured by the OSPI-developed classroom-based assessments (CBAs) in
history, civics, geography, and economics. Applications will be
available at http://igrants.ospi.k12.wa.us
<http://igrants.ospi.k12.wa.us/>  in the next few weeks - the projected
deadline is July 6th. 


Other Opportunities & Updates:

7.       Brief Update on 2007 State Legislative Session - There are
several bills related to social studies being considered by the state
legislature. To view them go to the "Bill Search" tab on the
legislature's website (www1.leg.wa.gov/legislature) and enter the words
"history" or "civics." In addition, OSPI's $1.4 million budget request
to support the implementation of the CBAs is currently not in the budget
recommendations of the House Appropriations' Subcommittee on Education -
budget recommendations from the Senate have not yet been posted.


8.       U.S. House and Senate Hearings on "No Child Left Behind" -
Positions of Social Studies Organizations - This March and April, the US
Senate and the US House of Representatives are holding hearings about No
Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Several social studies-related
organizations, including the National Council (NCSS) for the Social
Studies and the National Council for History Education (NCHE), are
participating in this process. To see a letter from NCSS related to
these hearings, go to www.ncss.org/newsItems/viewFullItem$1119. For more
information about NCHE's position on the reauthorization, go to


9.       Lesson Plans on Women's Role in World War II - The Voices of
WWII in the classroom is a project that began in Washington State almost
10 years ago. The most recent addition to the project is the documentary
"During the War... Women Went to Work." It is a unique look at
Washington State's women of the greatest generation and the changes they
brought to our society during WWII. Bristol Productions, the company
that produced this documentary on behalf of the state, is now looking
for teachers to develop the lesson plans that incorporate elements from
the women's oral history section on their website
www.WWIIhistoryclass.com. The first part of the entry process is to
submit the concept for your lesson plan, that incorporates elements from
the women's' oral history section on the website
www.WWIIhistoryclass.com , to contest at WWIIhistoryclass.com by March 26.
If you have any further questions you may email them to us at,
contest at WWIIhistoryclass.com


10.   Congress in the Classroom 2007 - Call For Participation - Congress
in the Classroom is a national, award-winning education program now in
its 15th year.  Developed and sponsored by The Dirksen Congressional
Center, the workshop is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and
information on teaching about Congress. Congress in the Classroom is
designed for high school or middle school teachers who teach U.S.
history, government, civics, political science, or social studies.
Forty teachers will be selected in 2007 to take part in the program. The
workshop will be held Monday, July 30 - Thursday, August 2, at the Hotel
Pere Marquette, Peoria, Illinois, with workshop sessions to take place
in the Peoria Civic Center's new addition. For more information, visit
the Dirksen Center website -
http://www.dirksencenter.org/print_programs_CongressClassroom.htm or
contact Lynn Kasinger at lkasinger at dirksencenter.org. The deadline is
March 30th.


11.   "Fighting the Fires of Hate. America and the Nazi Book Burnings" -
Traveling Exhibit - Gonzaga University - Gonzaga is hosting this
traveling exhibit provided by the United States Holocaust Memorial
Museum. It is available to the public in the Foley library and is open
Monday 9am-7pm, Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm, and Saturday noon-4pm.
The exhibit is here through May 5. For more information, go to


12.   Perspectives on the Modern - A Summer Institute for K-12 Educators
- July 29-August 3 - East Asia Resource Center ~ University of
Washington ~ Seattle, WA - The period from the end of the 1800s to the
middle of the 1900s was an era when new and different ideas competed for
the allegiance of the peoples of East Asia. Join us at the University of
Washington for an intensive summer institute exploring the multiple
perspectives of modernity in East Asia during this period.  For more
information, please visit the UW East Asia Resource Center website,
http://jsis.washington.edu/earc, to download an application; or contact
the EARC at earc at u.washington.edu or 206-543-1921 to request an


13.   Travel and Teach: Cambodia and Thailand - July 1 - 25 - The
East-West Center's "Travel and Teach" program offers U.S. teachers the
opportunity to develop meaningful real-life connections to world
cultures, religions, economies, ecologies, and more through experiential
professional learning, enriched by one-on-one interactions with people
in local communities. The 2007 "Travel and Teach" itinerary provides
knowledge-enhanced immersion experiences in Cambodia and Thailand.
Application deadline is April 15, 2007. For more information, please
contact the East-West Center directly: SteinemN at EastWestCenter.org or
visit the


14.   Life and Achievements of John Quincy Adams, 1st U.S. Minister to
Russia - A Joint Russian-American Project - U.S. Consulate General
Yekaterinburg - Public Affairs Section -  In recognition of the 200th
Anniversary of U.S.-Russian diplomatic relations, the U.S. Consulate
General in Yekaterinburg invites you to participate in an interschool
dialogue on the life and achievements of John Quincy Adams. (John Quincy
Adams was the first official diplomatic representative of the United
States to Russia.) We invite high schools in the U.S. and the Urals and
Western Siberia in Russia to create student projects guided by their
teachers of English or History to explore any particular aspect of John
Quincy Adams' many careers. The projects should be submitted to the U.S.
Consulate General in Yekaterinburg by Tuesday, May 1st. The projects can
be sent by e-mail to PAyekat at state.gov. For information, please contact
the Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Consulate General in
Yekaterinburg by e-mail (SagakyanSV at state.gov or GrigoryevaYY at state.gov)


15.   Nature in the Balance - New Exhibition at Museum of History and
Industry (MOHAI) - Seattle - Kick off spring and visit MOHAI to see a
provocative new exhibition of historic and contemporary photographs and
paintings that explores the complex relationships between people and
nature in Washington State during the last 150 years. The exhibit opens
Saturday, March 31st and runs through September 9th.


16.   Thinking Historically through Writing - July 8-13 - Teacher
Workshop - Thinking Historically through Writing explores a variety of
approaches for showing students how to "do history." For more
information, please contact Teresa Vilardi, Director, Institute for
Writing & Thinking, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York 12504 at
(845) 758-7432 or vilardi at bard.edu  jsmith at bard.edu. You can also
register online at writingandthinking.org.


17.   Colonial Dames History/Social Studies Scholarships -  Any teacher
who teaches American history to Washington state students in grades
5-12 is eligible to apply for one or more scholarships in the following
categories:  (1) continuing education relating to American history
including Advanced Teacher Certification courses; (2) American history
or social studies curriculum development with books, costumes, website
design or videos; (3) travel and tuition to attend educational seminars
relating to American history; and (4) teacher enrichment
projects/programs relating to history. To apply, download the Colonial
Dames scholarship application by visiting the Dames website of
www.coldameswa.net <http://www.coldameswa.net/> . 


18.   Latin American Challenges to the Neo-Liberal Order in the Americas
- Teacher Workshops - This lecture series will take a hard look at Latin
American politics and run from April 19th to May 17th. These lectures,
offered as part of Professor Charles Bergquist's advanced undergraduate
course HIST 449 "Issues in Comparative Labor History," will be open to
the public. All lectures will take place on Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:00
in Communications 226 at the University of Washington. Teachers may
attend these lectures for clock hours if they desire. For more
information, contact Latin American Studies at the University of
Washington: lasuw at u.washington.edu


19.   7thAnnual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity &
Cross-Cultural Understanding through Documentary Film - The Henry M.
Jackson School of International Studies - Saturday, March 31st-
8:30am-1pm - Mary Gates Hall, Room 231, UW Campus, Seattle - In this
half-day workshop, University of Washington professors will introduce
educators to documentary films that can be used to teach students about
cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding. This year's
workshop will feature films dealing with issues in Latin America, Europe
and Canada. For more information, go to


20.   Challenges and Opportunities Facing Turkey Today - March 29th-
4:15pm - 7:15pm - UW Communications Building, Auditorium 120 - Seattle -
This session will take a look at Turkey's modern history and the changes
it has gone through exploring state-society relations, the role of
religion in society and politics, and the impact of the war in Iraq on
the Turkish government and people. The registration deadline for this
workshop is March 26th. For more information and to register, please
s or call 206-441-5910.  A second workshop focusing on Turkish Arts
entitled "Crossing the Bridge: Turkish Culture Where East and West Meet"
will be held in April at the University of Washington. Teachers who
attend both programs will have an opportunity to apply for a study tour
to Turkey funded by the Turkish Cultural Foundation and administered by
the World Affairs Council. Four teachers will be chosen to participate
on this all-expenses paid trip! Applications will be available at the
March 29th program.


21.   Trips to Turkey - World Affairs Council - July 25th - August 10th,
2007 - The World Affairs Council is coordinating "close-to-free" trips
to Turkey this summer for educators. To get an access to an application,
go to www.world-affairs.org/classroom.html. The application deadline is
April 23rd.


22.   The Earth Charter: A Framework for Addressing Global Climate
Change - Teacher Workshop - May 1st - 4:15pm - 7:15pm - Northshore
School District, Bothell - The Earth Charter is a declaration of
principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful world, created
in a 10-year process that included thousands of people in countries
ranging from Argentina to Zambia. Participants will engage in hands-on
curriculum exercises and get resources for teaching about sustainability
and involving your students in local service-learning and action
opportunities. The workshop will also include a lively presentation and
Q & A time with Dr. Richard Gammon, an expert on environmental
sustainability and global climate change and a professor at the
University of Washington. Registration deadline is April 26th. The cost
is $26 and includes presentations, classroom resources, a light buffet,
and three clock hours. For more information and to register, please
visit www.world-affairs.org/calendar.cfm?eventID=823&action=eventDetails
or call 206-441-5910. 


23.   Ninth Annual World Citizen Essay Contest - The goal of the World
Citizen Essay Contest is to promote discussion among students, teachers,
families, and community members about the ways that individuals can
effect positive change in the global community.  The prompt for this
year's competition is "You have just declared that you are running for
President.  Describe the global issue on which you would focus your
attention. Why is this issue important?" For more information, go to


24.   REACH Institute for Building Cultural Competency - Seattle - June
21-22: Learn to implement the REACH programs in the classroom.  This
2-day institute is designed to develop and enhance your cultural
competency skills by exploring the basic principles and concepts of
multicultural/global awareness through a combination of hands-on
activities and lectures. Receive nationally validated REACH program
materials, including classroom-tested curriculum, for your particular
grade emphasis. Per person registration fee includes training materials,
continental breakfast and lunch each day. For more information, call
(360) 403-9631 or (800) 205-4932, or email reach at nwlink.com or visit
www.reachctr.org <http://www.reachctr.org/> 


25.   C-SPAN StudentCam - Student Documentary Competition - This is an
annual documentary competition that invites students to identify a
current political topic of interest and produce a short (up to ten
minute) video documentary that creatively explores an issue while
integrating C-SPAN programming. Maximum Award: $3,000 in digital
equipment for school. Eligibility: individual or teams of students
grades 6-8 or grades 9- 12; Deadline: March 30th. www.studentcam.org


26.   The Study 2007 Canada - Summer Institute for K-12 Educators -
Experience B.C.-From the 5 Themes of Geography to the 2010 Olympics -
June 24-June 29 - Vancouver and Whistler, as host cities for WWU's Study
Canada Summer Institute as well as the 2010 Winter Olympics, offer a
wonderful opportunity for teachers to explore geographic, economic,
historical, political and cultural ties to Canada. Study Canada
participants return to school well armed with resources and curriculum
that globalizes student perspectives. Registration closes April 15th.
Contact tina.storer at wwu.edu for additional information. The Washington
State Teacher Registration Cost is $530 and includes hotel lodging,
daily breakfasts and RT Vancouver-Whistler transportation. Participants
have the choice of earning either 40 Clock Hours or 3 University Quarter
Credits. Please visit www.k12studycanada.org/scsi.shtml to access the
agenda, registration form, and scholarship information.


27.   Global Scholar - Summer Enrichment Program - Americans for
Informed Democracy, a non-profit leader in global education, is offering
this two-week summer enrichment program for rising juniors and seniors
in high school interested in international relations called "Global
Scholar." The program is held at Washington and Lee University in
Virginia from July 1-14. Over the program's two weeks, students will
hear from more than forty global leaders and delve into a curriculum
modeled on the "Introduction to World Affairs" courses offered at
America's leading universities. They will also have the chance to
videoconference with their peers halfway around the world, visit leading
global institutions, journey to foreign countries through film, and
devise global campaigns to respond to today's most pressing global
challenges. The program costs $1,600. Thanks to generous foundation sup
port, several full and half Future Global Leader scholarships are
available for exceptional high school students. For more information,
visit www.globalscholar.org
8&e=cperkins at ospi.wednet.edu&url=http://www.globalscholar.org/>  or
contact Autumn Barr, Director of Summer Programs at Americans for
Informed Democracy, at (203) 773 1202 or info at globalscholar.org. 



Previously Listed Opportunities:


28.   Regional History Day Contests - The following regional History Day
contests need more judges. You will judge exhibits, documentaries, or
performances on this year's theme, "Triumph and Tragedy in History"
presented by sixth through eighth graders and high school students.
You'll be working in a team of three, so if you have no experience, you
will be with a couple of veteran History Day judges. To see a list of
the locations and contacts, see below or go to
gtonhistory.org/wshm/education/history-day/index.htm> .

*	North Puget Sound - Contact: Randy Schnabel -
randyschnabel at mac.com - Shoreline Center, Shoreline - March 21, 2007
*	South Puget Sound - Contact: Brooks Hazen - bfhazen at hotmail.com
<mailto:bfhazen at hotmail.com%20>  - Green River Community College, Auburn
- March 22, 2007



29.   Facing History & Ourselves - Sign Up For an Online Course on
Holocaust and Human Behavior - March 22 - May 16 - This online course,
Holocaust and Human Behavior, provides an overview of the rise of the
Nazis and the Holocaust, as well as an in-depth look at some of Facing
History's resources and methodologies. Limited scholarships are
available.   To register, visit www.facinghistory.org
<http://www.facinghistory.org/>  or contact Beth Healey at
beth_healey at facing.org for more information.


30.   National Archives Institutes - Educators can now register for the
2007 summer institute class offered by the National Archives, a course
entitled "Primarily Teaching:  Original Documents and Classroom
Strategies."  The class will be held at eight National Archives
locations across the country, including the National Archives in
Washington, D.C.  Online applications and more information can be found
at http://www.archives.gov/education/primarily-teaching. 


31.   Monticello-Stratford Hall Summer Seminar for Teachers Leadership
and Life in Revolutionary America - June 25 - July 14, 2007 - Designed
exclusively for teachers, this annual three-week program has an
interdisciplinary flavor and a distinctive historical approach. Seminar
sessions will be held in the Jessie Ball duPont Memorial Library at
Stratford Hall, in the Rotunda at the University of Virginia, and on the
Monticello grounds, but historic Virginia itself also serves as a
classroom.  For more information, go to


32.   Stories from the Trunk: Study Trip to Holland and Denmark - August
9 - 19, 2007- A unique 9-day experience designed especially for
educators. Examine Holocaust history through oral testimonies and the
literature and films featured in the Holocaust Center's Teaching Trunks.
Sites and activities include: Anne Frank House, a private tour of Jewish
Amsterdam, Westerbork, Resistance Museum, private Denmark history tour,
Corrie Ten Boom House, meetings with Holocaust survivors and Danish
rescuers, and more. Itinerary and more information - www.wsherc.org
.org> , info at wsherc.org <mailto:info at wsherc.org> , 206-441-5747.


33.   14th Annual iEARN International Conference and 11th Youth Summit
(July 21-26, 2007) in Cairo, Egypt - The International Education and
Resource Network (iEARN), the largest K-12 online project based learning
network of over 120 countries, 25,000 educators, and 1 million students
from around the globe, holds its annual international conference in
different countries every year. The theme of the conference is:
Connecting Cultures & Respecting Differences: A Global Dialogue for
Development and Sustainability. For further information, see
http://www.iearn2007.net and contact: Egyptian Association for
Educational Resources, 202-458-0198 or info at iearnegypt.org, iEARN-Egypt:
http://www.iearnegypt.org.  Deadline for workshop submissions: March 15,


34.   Washington State History Museum - In-Service Training - Looking
for professional development opportunities for your school or district?
Hoping for free, online curricular materials that support EALRs and
CBAs? The Washington State History Museum's Department of Education is
offering teacher in-service trainings at your school, free of charge.
Grant money is funding these sessions to train teachers in how to use
the WashingtonHistoryOnline.org lesson plans. For more information:
please contact Curator and Head of Education Patricia Erikson at
perikson at wshs.wa.gov


35.   Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History - 2007 Summer
Seminar - The Institute is pleased to announce the 2007 Summer Seminars
schedule. These seminars afford educators an opportunity to study an
important topic in American history with an eminent scholar in the field
at major institutions including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Oxford,
Cambridge, and the University of Virginia.  These weeklong seminars
provide educators with intellectual stimulation and a collaborative
context for developing practical resources and strategies to take back
to the classroom. To see the schedule and apply online, visit:


36.   United States Holocaust Memorial Museum -Opportunities for
Teachers - The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference for
Educators: For teachers with less than five years' experience in
teaching about the Holocaust. Participants are responsible for their
travel expenses. The Western States Teachers Workshop: For teachers from
certain Western states (AZ, NM, CO, UT, CA, NV, WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, HI,
AK) with less than five years' experience in teaching about the
Holocaust. Participants are offered a stipend to cover their travel
expenses.  The Museum Teacher Fellowship Program: A conference for
teachers with more than five years' experience in teaching about the
Holocaust. An all expenses paid conference that develops leaders in
Holocaust education.  For more information:


37.   Teaching American History in the Northwest - Summer Institute -
Helena, Montana - Description: The focus is: using a regional and
place-based approach. The course content is taught by history
professors, from The University of Montana, and it is offered online to
teachers. Additionally, the teachers, history professors, and grant
staff will get together in Helena, Montana, for a Summer Institute.
We're inviting middle and high school teachers from Washington, Idaho
and Montana to join this two-year grant. It's fully-funded, there are no
costs to the teachers or the school districts. The name of the project
is: "Time Travelers: Teaching American History of the Northwest." - For
more information: www.regionallearningproject.org


38.   Shaping the Constitution: A View from Mount Vernon 1783-1789 -
Teacher Workshop - June 18-22 and July 16-20 - One of many great
workshops offered through NEH's Landmarks of American History program,
Shaping the Constitution focuses on eight central themes of the Founding
era and is open to all K-12 teachers across the county. Sponsor: Bill of
Rights Institute and the NEH. For more information:


39.   Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum Teacher Fellowship
Program - June 2007-  The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
offers a Teacher Fellowship Program for educators across the United
States to experience a one week workshop at the Memorial in June, all
expenses paid.  Sponsored by JP Morgan Chase, the program includes
violence prevention curriculum, speakers, and a variety of opportunities
for curriculum development. The application is available at
<file:///\\www.oklahomacitynationalmemorial.org> .


40.   NEH program on Cartographic Literacy with Historic Maps - July
2007 (2 weeks) Location: Newberry Library in Chicago. For more
information and application: www.newberry.org/smith/smithhome.html 


41.   Civil Justice High School Education Project -  The Washington
State Trial Lawyers Association - This is a new effort to help high
school students - our immediate future voters and jurors - understand
the civil justice system and how it affects their lives.  The project
includes scholarship programs; mock trial competitions and a civil
justice speaker's bureau. For more information, please contact Adrianne
Williams at adrianne at wstlaoly.org or 360-786-9100. 


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