[WSCSS] CBA links to National Archives Documents Now Online!

Carol Buswell Carol.Buswell at nara.gov
Wed Dec 13 17:36:06 EST 2006

Our newest and most popular education CD "100 Milestone Documents from
the National Archives Linked to the Washington State Classroom Based
Assessments (CBA)  has just been adapted to the web and placed on our
You can access it at

It is only slightly different from the CD version, which you can still
receive by e-mailing us at seattle.archives at nara.gov   (The CD version
contains PDF files of the original documents for teachers who have
limited internet access)
Both versions contain:
   *   basic components of EACH and EVERY Classroom Based Assessment.,
   *   associated EALR and Scoring Rubrics (highest level only),
   *   sample topics for each CBA, and
   *   a link to SPECIFIC primary source documents at
www.ourdocuments.gov  that include 
1)  a scrollable digitized version of the original document, 
2)  a PDF version of the document, 
3)  a TRANSCRIBED version of the document, and 
4)  a short descriptive history of the ways in which the document fits
into the American experience.  
Feedback is appreciated.  Our goal is to provide materials for you that
are useful and easily accessible.  

We love Washington's teachers!

Carol Buswell

Education Specialist
National Archives and Records Administration
Pacific Alaska Region
6125 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA  98115-7999
(206) 336-5151
carol.buswell at nara.gov

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