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Fall Inservice Conference Oct. 11 from 8:00 – 2:00

The Social Studies help students to understand the world and to develop the skills necessary for active citizenship.  Students in history, civics, and contemporary problems courses learn how their society and societies from other places and times work.  They may study opposition to dam building in the Amazon or weigh the arguments for dam removal in the Columbia River Basin.  They may dig deep into the cultural and historical roots of Uighur defiance of Chinese assimilation policies, or they may investigate varied perspectives on tribal sovereignty in Washington State.  Stories from their own communities engage kids.  People from their own hometowns model how to act as citizens on any scale, from lobbying a school board to joining worldwide consumer activist campaigns. This year, the WSCSS Fall Inservice will highlight such Global Issues and Local Connections.

WSCSS Fall Conference

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    • Edmonds Woodway High School
    • 7600 212th St. SW
    • Edmonds, WA 98026
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Keynote Address – Jen Marlowe brings social studies to life with powerful stories that compel us to action.  Her life as a human rights activist has taken her to Sudan where she made the films Darfur Diaries and Rebuilding Hope to Palestine/Israel, where she made the film One Family in Gaza and wrote the book The Hour of Sunlight, to the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she documented the Arab Spring, to death row here in the United States, where she worked to prevent the execution of Troy Davis by the state of Georgia.  She has engaged local students through the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and speaks frequently to audiences at Elliot Bay Books and other venues.

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WSCSS has moved to an online system for registration. Please complete the following form to register for the 2014 Fall Inservice.

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